Sunday, 2 December 2012

Products that give me that festive feeling...

Christmas is approaching (yippee) and recently I have been feeling way more festive than usual, so if you are feeling down or need a bit of Christmas cheer, here's some products to give you that festive feeling! 

1. Redken colour enriching shampoo - £8.99

This shampoo is generally for the colour of your hair, so whatever colour your hair is then that's the type of shampoo you get (yes I know I'm stating the obvious.) I love this shampoo, the one for brunettes (the one I have) smells like chocolate and that's the main reason why this product makes me feel so festive! It makes my hair feel smooth and nourished and I LOVE it! 

2. The Body Shop Candied Ginger Body Butter - £3.00

Sorry the pic is awful!

It makes my hands feel lush, smells like Christmas in a tub and the price is awesome! Do I need say more...? 
If you want to go all out on the festive front you can also purchase the candied ginger body lotion for £3.00 as well :) The tub is huuuge and therefore lasts ages! Definitely got my moneys worth!


I can't really recommend you much candle wise all I can say is that candles are essential for Christmas! What type of candle you buy really depends on what you look for in a candle, do you like the maple syrup smelling ones or the cranberry/ cinnamony smelling ones. I have to cranberry-ish smelling candles this year but I found them in my bathroom cabinet and they have no label on so I have no clue where they are from! All I know is that they smell lovely! The best website for buying Christmassy candles is: I have bought some candles from here before and they smell sooo good I could eat them!

Liz Earle Advent Calender!

As Zoella mentioned in her blog, Liz Earle Advent calenders are the ultimate Christmas treat! I want one! - Where to find them!


There are zillions of amazing lush products! Here are my top two that I recommend for Christmas:
Snow Fairy Shower Gel - £3.50
This product smells amaaaazing! and really makes me feel Christmassy! Also it's limited edition so hurry!

Bubble Beard Bubble Bar - £4.95 
Seeing as moustaches are really in fashion at the moment, this is pretty much perfect! It's Christmassy and you can use it more than once! 
(I'll be posting about Lush products soon so keep an eye out for that!) 

Some Christmassy Products from Lush!

I hope this post has given you some Christmas inspiration! Let me know any of your suggestions!

Laura xx




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