Sunday, 16 December 2012

Benefit, Bare Minerals and Aussie Review mixed with some Christmas cheer!

 Decided to do a bit of Christmas shopping today! I wondered into Fenwicks and was instantly drawn to the Benefit Makeup counter. I got so carried away with all the lush looking makeup I ended up having this makeup consultation type thing. And thank goodness I did! I discovered some great products which I couldn't help but buy!

Experience Sheer Gloss Balm - Benefit

I absolutely LOVE this product! It's a highlighter which also gives you a really healthy glow and highlights cheekbones. I dot and blend it over my makeup on to my cheek, brow bone and down the center of my nose. This product makes my skin feel really soft and I love the slight pinky hint and all the sparkles. It's not excessively sparkly, it just gives a very natural look and adds definition to your face. When the sparkles catch the light it looks gorgeous! Definitely recommend this product!

Bare Minerals - Sundress Eyeshadow
Afterwards I had a browse at the Bare Minerals counter and was greeted with a massive array of eyeshadows! My idea of heaven!

The eyeshadow I'm reviewing!
Bare Minerals - Sundress Eyeshadow. This eyeshadow kind of reminds me of the one
 (vampire) Bella out of Twilight wears! Twilight fanatic right here!
This Bare Minerals eyeshadow is from the Shimmer Range and is in the colour Sundress. It's described as a springtime yellow colour however I'd say it's more golden. It stays on my eyes all day and is really light to wear. I love the shimmer it has to it, it creates a sort of dewy look. Benefits High Beam Gloss Balm goes perfectly with this eyeshadow. Both of them create a really natural glow without it being to sparkly. 
Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner 
I've been loving the Aussie range for ages now! The first one I bought was for hair hydration when I went on holiday this year and it was great! I also think these shampoos and conditioners smell AMAZING! The smell reminds me of summer :) 
Today in Boots there was a 3 for £10 offer on all the Aussie products. Yessss! I seized the opportunity and went to the till with my arms full of my mega shampoo, luscious long and Aussome volume (clever play on words there.) I ended up getting all these free as I'd collected so many points on my Boots card! Waheyyy! These products don't only smell great but also make my hair feel so soft and silky and nourished in the cold winter months. Definitely recommend these products!

After my cosmetics mini shopping spree I decorated my Christmas tree. One of my favourite parts of Christmas :)
Me and my friend tinsel-ized

I also really need to buy some Christmassy nail varnish... ideas anyone? :)
Love this! 
Hope you've enjoyed this post! Don't forget, next time you see a Benefit and Bare Minerals counter go and check out the products I mentioned! They're great! 
Laura xx


  1. I want that red nail varnish! Omg I love glitter stuff so much!

    1. Same! It's so pretty and christmassy! :)

  2. Love all!
    I will try the Aussie products! :)


  3. The high beam highlighter seems so good! Love the nail varnish as well.

    Your blog seems fun to read, so I have followed :)

    Hamida xx

  4. Your blog is really interesting, it may be a little late but the Barry M glitter nail polishes are great for the winter months! x

    1. Thankyou! I love Barry M nail polishes they're so good! Thankyou for the suggestion :)


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