Sunday, 9 December 2012

Inspiration is everywhere, everywhere is inspiration

Today I thought I'd do a blog type style post as I have only done one of them so far! Here's some ramblings and things that have inspired me this week!
It's coming up to Christmas and for most people that means chilling, less school work and mainly more time free for blogging! But no, that is not the case for me this year as the work load is well and truly mounting up as I have my mocks after Christmas! Roll on summer 2013 please when GCSEs are all over! Then maybe I can get my social life back and stop revising! 
However I see my blog as a little bit of escapism from work/school. 

So this weekend I have been revising, blogging and eating cupcakes. I wish I could be out and about doing things new and interesting to share with you all however as I said, thanks to exams I now have no social life! So instead I thought I'd treat you to some nice images and some inspiration :) 

Always remember...

This week I have just become familiar with what the term 'hipster' means and what the 'hipster triangle' is... I'm a bit behind the times yes, I know. I'm loving this whole hipster triangle business, a bit like K$sha's new song check it out if you are not familiar with it. This music video, for me, is basically the definition of hipster :) I'm now looking into hipster style as I really like it and will probably do a blog post about it soon! 
Also this week I have fallen in loveee with a band called Bastille. I especially love their song called 'Flaws.' If you haven't heard it I strongly recommend you check it out :) I also love Gabrielle Aplin - Power of Love. Such an amazing voice!

Christmas lights. There are SO many on my road! It's like living in Las Vegas. 

Been thinking a lot about the future recently... maybe I'm just being too deep. I have a gap year planned and I'm literally soooo excited! I cannot wait to leave school purely for my gap year... after my gap year I have no clue what I'm going to do... I'm sure I'll work it out in time... 
For my gap year I'd love to go and teach English to young children in Vietnam. I sounds crazy but I think it'd be soo amazing! If any of you guys out there are thinking about taking a gap year but don't know what to do, have a look at this website and hopefully it'll give you some ideas!


Also this weekend I've had a little weekend webcam sesh with my tiger (cat called Alfie, but I refer to him as my tiger.) He loves the camera...
'scuse my face!

I have also come up with a new invention... Starbucks home delivery! Would quite literally be one of the best things. EVER. My life would then be complete. I'm sure many people agree with me, and that Starbucks home delivery would be pretty darn amazing! 
Craving Starbucks now ah!
How good does this look!? Very good that's how ;)

Break up for Christmas on Friday woo! And it's my birthday on the 19th December so roll on 1960's partaay! Ah I have so much planning to do! 
Also I have seen an amazingly gorgeous vampirey type lipstick this week from Nars. I want it! 

Why not dress to match your star sign? I think that turquoise is so in at the moment, the star sign is Sagittarius and the colour is turquoise. I love turquoise :)
I best be off now and get back to my revision. This post has been very random and ramblyish but will be back to fashion and beauty posts next ;) I'll leave you with some lovely inspirational pictures, if youre like me, and are searching for some inspiration/ motivation at the moment :)
free your mind :)

Hope you've enjoyed my slightly random post ;)
Laura xx


  1. THE BEST part of Christmas for me is the lights! you've just inspired a future post for me!

  2. haha Christmas lights always give me that Christmassy feeling! I'm pleased I've inspired you for a future post, I look forward to reading it! :)


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