Friday, 7 December 2012

The 1960s- Hair!

In theme with my other blog post about 1960s makeup I've decided to do a follow up post all about 1960s hair!
I'm fascinated by the 1960s at the moment, and am having a 1960s themed birthday party on the 19th December! I thought I'd do a series of post all about the 1960s in prep for this! I'm still trying to decide to decide on how to do my hair and what to wear etc. but I shall show you my final outfit on the day! So lets crack on then...

A famous 1960s designer called Mary Quant led the famous 'Swinging London' revolution transforming women's hair fashions. 

 Jackie Kennedy - Jackie Kennedy influenced the 60s with her elegant outfits and her bouffant hair. Certain elements of her style are still admired today by many people. A friend of mine is crazy about her and her fashions! 

Jackie Kennedy

Audrey Hepburn
Movie star looks were very influential. Italian films and New Wave cinema were particularly influential. Some other iconic actresses were:
Audrey Hepburn (my favourite!)
Sophia Loren 
Elizabeth Taylor 
and many more!

Short sharp crops were also very popular. These were sported by Twiggy, Mary Quant and actress Mia Farrow. This hairstyle was in complete contrast to the heavily hair sprayed bouffant look. Cropped hairstyles are less maintenance and a lot more natural. However I still love and prefer the bouffant look!

The Bouffant Look
Bouffants started in the late 50s and carried on to be at the height of fashion well into the 60s. Most people used hair accessories to hold up their bouffant but A LOT of hair spraying and back combing is required! 
Unfortunately I have literally no idea how to do these hairstyles but I'm going to have to learn! So I'm afraid I can't give you any tips on how to achieve these hairstyles...sorry!

Beehive - height of fashion in the early 1960s. 

 Crops- the ultimate 'tomboy hairstyle.'

Ponytails- worn high and combined with a bouffant style.

Fringes- Full and straight and at least eyebrow length.

 Headscarfs were also very popular! 

I hope you've enjoyed my post all about 1960s hairstyles! The next one will be about 60s fashion :) Till next time! (sounds like I'm on some sort of tv programme I know, but blog endings are always a bit awkward!)

Laura xx


  1. I love Mary Quant's dresses they were stylish and simple, or bold patterned A line or block dresses. <3

    1. sameee <3 I'll write about her and her dresses in my next post :)

  2. I absolutely feel like I was born in the wrong decade, being a teen in the 60's would have been rad! - Emma May xx

    1. haha same! I would have loved to have been a teenager in the 60's, fashion would be so much fun!


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