Saturday, 16 February 2013

Wishlist #1

There are soo many lovely products and items of clothing in the shops at the moment. So I thought I'd start doing wishlists to share some of the lovely things I've seen :)

Sorry that some of the photos are pixelated but I'll leave the links for each item of clothing down below so you can go and check out any item that you like!

1. The DVD of 'LOL' 
I absolutely love this film! It features Miley Cyrus and Douglas Booth (he is quite literally beautiful!) 

2. Disco Treggings - Topshop
I hate wearing jeans and I get so bored of leggings. I saw Zoella wearing some disco treggings and now I really would love a pair! They remind me of what Sandy from 'Grease' wears. I think they're so easy to dress up or wear casual. 
Check them out here
Price: £30.00 

3. Sally Black Town Show - Miss Selfridge 
I am totally in love with these shoes! Recently I have been browsing prom dresses as I have my prom in May and have no clue what to wear yet! Miss Selfridge is perfect for prom dresses or dressy shoes. I think these shoes would be perfect to wear to prom or any other dressy occasion.
Check them out here
Price: £46.00 (think I'm going to have to get saving)

4. Fee Blouse - Monki
I had never heard of Monki before until a few weeks ago. It sells so many lovely products and is especially good for blouses. This one was probably my favourite but there is such a range to choose from! 
I think this blouse is so versatile and would be great for accessorizing with some jewelry. 
Check it out here
Price: £30.00

5. Sundress Shimmer Eyeshadow - Bare Minerals
I have mentioned this eyeshadow in several other blog posts but I love it so much and I still haven't purchased it! 
Check it out here
Price: £14.00 

6. Bunny Ear Scrunchy - Topshop
I never know what to do with my hair at the moment. This scrunchy is really simple but nice and could easily jazz up a boring ponytail. Plus black and white is the trend this season! 
Check it out here
Price: £4.00

7. Knitted Step Hem Cardi - Topshop
I tried this cardigan on in Topshop a few weeks ago but I didn't have enough money to purchase it! It was so nice and warm and I'm loving burgundy at the moment!
Check it out here
Price: was £30.00 but is currently on sale for £20.00 (I need to get to Topshop and fast!)

8. Apocalips Lip Lacquer - Rimmel London
I have read so many good reviews about this product and now I'm desperate to try it! I'm really into lip products right now as I hardly have any! Not sure which colour I'd go for in this collection though... any suggestions?
Check it out here
Price: £5.99

That's all for my very first wishlist guys! Hope you've enjoyed or that I've given you some fashion/makeup ideas! 

Till next time,
Laura xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow...

I'm really not very consistent with my blog postings but life is so hectic at the moment! So this is a little catch up post :)
I'm still frantically trying to work out how to successfully take photos of a makeup tutorial so it looks good! I'm desperate to do makeup tutorials but I think it's so much easier to do them via YouTube so I'm thinking of making a YouTube account.. hmmm... decisions. 

So yesterday was Valentines Day aww... <3 
I had two Valentines.. my cat and one of my bestfriends.. yes, cats do count as valentines. I'm single but yet I love Valentines Day. It's such a cute day! I'm probably in the minority of singletons that think valentines day is cute. 
I had my own little valentines day celebration with my two friends. We got a Dominos Pizza and then just chatted and went completely hyper and crazy.
This photo pretty much sums up our craziness :)

Next onto music...
Top 5 favourite songs at the moment:
1. Let her go - Passenger (the lyrics are this blog post title)
2. Get Up (Rattle) - The Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement
3. This guy called 'Hunter Hayes' love all his songs!
4. Learn to Love Again - Lawson
5. Ways and Means - Snow Patrol (I'm literally crazy about Snow Patrol!)

All these songs are awesome so definitely recommend you check them out!

So now I only have 8 weeks left at school! WOW! Where has time gone?! Only feels like yesterday I was plodding along in year seven armed with my over-sized rucksack and scraped back ponytail. I have completely mixed emotions about leaving my school. I have been there since year 4 and as sad and geeky as this may sound, my school is like my second home. After all I spend more time at school than I do at home (that's a bit of a depressing thought actually.) 
There's so so SO many people who I'll miss soo much, (if any of these people are reading this you know who you are;) and there's also some other people who I really won't miss (hopefully those people won't be reading this...) However, at the end of the day I can't wait to get these darn exams over and done with and move on and meet loads of new and great people.

Also if anyone knows what this amazing sparkly stuff is please let me know!

Whatever you are doing in your life at the moment, make sure you do it with a smile. In the words of tumblr:

Rightio, I'm off now to have a hot chocolate and watch Dear John (if you haven't seen this film then you're missing a treat... Channing Tatum is BEAUTIFUL!) I hope this post wasn't to dull, shall be back with hopefully some tutorials next!

Till next time,
Laura xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

MAC, Miss Selfridge and Superdrug Haul!

Today I went on a little shopping spree armed with some Christmas vouchers... so here's a haul for y'all!

I've been lovely this really odd but really lovely nail varnish colour at the moment! The best way to describe it is like a greeny, purpley, pinky type colour. This nail varnish is called 'Mean and Green.' It's such a lovely glittery nail varnish! Two coats are needed to get the full glittery effect.
Price: £10.00 really expensive for a nail varnish, I know, but I can't stand crappy nail varnishes! 

This photo doesn't really show the true colour but you get the jist!

Miss Selfridge
 I love this top, I think it'll work great casual or you can jazz it up a bit!
Price: £20.00
This picture isn't amazing but this skirt is a deep green colour. It's also great for dressing up or down. I think the sheer material on top with the little skirt underneath is in fashion for spring. I've seen this style dress and skirt in so many shops!
Price: £10.00 bargain!

I've been wanting a red lipstick for AGES! So many people recommend the Kate Moss lipsticks and they are so good! It stays on for ages and has a really deep pigmented colour. The one I bought is in shade 107.
Price: £5.49

 MUA nail varnishes are so cheap and they are also really good! Bonus! At the moment, in preparation for Valentines Day I'm guessing, they have a new Love Heart range. So I thought I'd try one! This is in the shade 'U R fab' and is a perfect present for you Valentine (all you boys out there, take note that this would be a good present for you valentine!) 
Price: £1.00

Finally I've bought some makeup brushes! I've looked at so many makeup brush brands and they were all so expensive. I came across the Barry M makeup brushes which are really cheap but also super soft! Today I bought a slanted eyeliner brush and a concealer brush.
Price: £2.99

That's it with my little haul today! I hope you've enjoyed this post and it's given you some fashion/ beauty ideas :) If you have enjoyed this post please comment as I love reading all your lovely comments! 
Till next time, 
Laura xx