Thursday, 29 November 2012

A day in the life...

Wake up

Decide to get up (eventually)

Can't get through the day without a cuppa tea when I wake up!
Eat breakfast (i wish my breakfast looked this good!)

Get dressed

Makeup (wish I was the glamorous!)
Get to school (wish I was this retro)

In class (dulllll)
Lunchtime (yes i'm a twilight fanatic)

Drive home
HOME! best time of the day!

I eat like a ton of food when I get home from school because the school dinners at my school are soo yuck!
This pretty much sums up my feelings towards homework...

Dinner. I love pasta. It's amazing.

Blogging and general chill time

Cuppa tea before bed :)

Then I go to bed - another brilliant time in my day!

Laura xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

The 1960s- Makeup!

I really love the 1960s fashions! They are so quirky! I've done some research into all the fashions of the 1960s from the mods (modernist) to the hippies and I thought I'd share it with you guys! The 1960s was a youth-oriented decade aka. 'the baby boomers!' 

Hippie makeup fashion

Hippies normally went for a natural palette whereas the mods went for dramatic black and white. Pastel colours were also extremely popular. Face and body painting was a popular trend with the hippies. This started from the flower power movement. 

White eyeshadow with black in the crease was a trend influenced by Twiggy. 

Twiggys eye makeup tutorial

Popular makeup brands were:
Max Factor
Gala (who launched a branch of Mary Quant makeup) 
Yardley- phrase 'The London Look' (just like Rimmel!) 

False eyelashes mounted with mascara were all the rage!
Pale matte eye shadows with black eyeliner in the crease of the eye. The eyeliner was a definite line, no smudging involved!
Eyeliner was fashionable to be flicked out at the ends. This style is inspired from the 1950s.

Eyebrows- groomed and shaped then defined using a brow pencil. The thickness of the eyebrow is completely up to you!
Cheeks- Pastel colours. Blusher wasn't always applied at the cheeks, it was sometimes worn at the temples, under the jaw or underneath the hair line. This was to add subtle definition. Blushers were also matte. 
Lips- Once again pastel colours! Lips were not lined with lip liner. Lipsticks were also matte. The Yardley lipstick collection was the most popular brand.

1960s Yardley makeup

Hope you've enjoyed my lil' lesson in 1960s makeup! Will be posting about 1960s hairstyles soon!

Laura xx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Snow is falling, all around (i wish)

Thought I'd do a random weekend post as I've decided to merge both my blogs (the fashion one and the personal one) into one big one as its a whole lot easier to handle! So here's some of the ramblings going on in my brain...
Rain today

Waiting for snow! 

Sat on my bed looking out my window at the rain... 'I love living in England, it always rains' i think to myself (heavy sarcasm.)

Just finished a ton load of homework so am now planning my next blog post... I think I'll do something along the lines of Christmassy Nail Art. Need to purchase some good nail varnish to do this one, going to have a rummage around in Topshop, can always rely on them to have some awesome sparkly nail varnish! Really beginning to feel festive now which is not like me as i'm such a summer person! I am missing the sun like mad though!:( Let me know in the comments section below if there's a blog post/tutorial that you'd like me to do!

Also established this week that I'm actually a pretty big One Direction fan and that I'm in love with Conor Maynard. <3 and that...
love these images!

4 weeks and counting till my 16th birthday, can literally not wait, am dying for a professional camera (fingers crossed!) Decided to plan a 1960s theme bday party as the 1960s dress code was awesome! Big hair, false eyelashes and cool dresses. YES! (Have now just discovered there were two fashions in the 1960s- Mod and Hippy, personally I like Mod.)
Penelope Cruz gone 1960s

Last weekend I Ombre-d my hair for a little experiment... worked well but was very very subtle! Going to have another go at that when I fork out some money to buy the hair dye. I used L'Oreal Ombre Kit and it was great! Cost £6.00, so pretty cheap, and was so easy to apply! Definatly buying that one again!


An Ombre-d bun!

Yes, there is a slight difference! Put on your glasses and look closely! ;)

If you haven't heard of the website I seriously recommend you check it out! It is highly addictive so be warned! Whilst your there, give me a follow;)  

So anyway till next Sunday! Have a super week! See you!
Laura xx
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Thinking back to Vietnam...

This year on holiday I ventured off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks. I am so passionate about this fantastic country and could ramble on for hours about it but I will try not to bore y'all ;) I've decided to write this blog post about Vietnam just to give y'all a little insight into what it's like. It's a shame I didn't I didn't have this blog at the time I went!


Well, where do I start, there's literally so much to say I may have to create separate blog post about it! When I first found out I was going to Vietnam I was highly skeptical about it... however no matter what image springs to mind when you think of Vietnam, let me tell you this..... it was AMAZING! 
From exploring the amazing and beautiful Ho Chi Min City to laying on the beaches in southern Vietnam. 

First stop: Ho Chi Min City is a beautiful city, which strangely resembles Paris but I guess that is due to the strong French influence in Vietnam. It is a maze of motorbikes which make crossing the road a real adrenaline rush as there's no traffic lights! We visited loads of sights in Ho Chi Min City, the war museum was one them. It was a great experience going there and it really hit home how devastating the war in Vietnam must have been. Overall though, Ho Chi Min City (or Saigon as you may know it) was a beautiful city! Definitely recommend a visit there! :)


Incense Swirls in Buddhist Temple
Prayer Wall (people write prayers and they get put up on this wall) in Buddhist Temple.
I think this is such a lovely idea
Mass of Motorbikes!

Next stop was the Mekong Delta which is a part of Southern Vietnam that have zillions of rivers in it! The best way to get around here was by boat. The countryside was beautiful and the people were so lovely and welcoming! Over the 4 days that I was in the Mekong Delta for I went on a lot of transport! Eg. boats, motorbikes, cars, canoes. It was amazing fun!
We also went to a coconut farm, the people there were working away for only about 1p a week. It made me realize how lucky I am to have what I do <3

Women in a Paddy Field (where they grow rice!)

So so many coconuts!

Looking cool in a traditional hat ;)

So many boats!

Lastly to the BEACH!! :D To finish my little Vietnamese adventure was a week chilling at the beautiful beaches of Mui Ne in south Vietnam! It was so hot and extremely humid, but all the strawberry lassies I had kept me cool! One morning I got up bright and early and went to the sand dunes and sand sliding! Sand sliding is when you sit on a mat and wizz down a huge sand dune! Awesome fun! Never been so covered in sand in my life!!
Feeling summery :)

Sand sliding! :O

Palm trees beauty 

Drinking out of a coconut with my mother :)

So this was just a really really tiny insight into my time in Vietnam. I hope this has inspired you to consider a trip! This country has definatly inspired me :)

Laura xoxo

Christmas Trends

So  in 1 month today it'll be Christmas. I'm really starting to feel festive so I thought I'd share with you some fashions that i'll be trending this Christmas!

Burgundy/Dark Red colours 

I am in loveee with this gorgeous burgundy colour right now! The best place to shop for items in this gorgeous colour is Topshop, they are going crazy for it as well as me!
Polka Dot Dress- £38.00

Big Jumpers

Big snuggly knitted jumpers are so in this Autumn and I'm dying to purchase one! Burgundy knit jumpers are the ultimate!
Crystal Lace Jumper- £50.00

For a bit of festive fun- £50.00



Lace is always thought to be very October and a halloweeny type fashion. But i say make the most of because you won't be able to wear it in summer! Lace looks so elegant, fashionable and gorgeous.
Black Lace Dress- £36.00

Knitted Items

Knitted snoods, berets, hats, scarfs etc. Knitted is so snuggly and will keep you warm all through winter, plus it's fashionable!
Aztec Snood- £18.00

I hope you've enjoyed reading through my little list of Christmas fashions. I made this list based on my own opinion and Topshop (I'm craaazy about Topshop!) 

Next Sunday or if I get a free moment in the week I shall be posting about Christmas nails! (getting festive now!) 
Till next time!
Laura xx