Monday, 26 November 2012

The 1960s- Makeup!

I really love the 1960s fashions! They are so quirky! I've done some research into all the fashions of the 1960s from the mods (modernist) to the hippies and I thought I'd share it with you guys! The 1960s was a youth-oriented decade aka. 'the baby boomers!' 

Hippie makeup fashion

Hippies normally went for a natural palette whereas the mods went for dramatic black and white. Pastel colours were also extremely popular. Face and body painting was a popular trend with the hippies. This started from the flower power movement. 

White eyeshadow with black in the crease was a trend influenced by Twiggy. 

Twiggys eye makeup tutorial

Popular makeup brands were:
Max Factor
Gala (who launched a branch of Mary Quant makeup) 
Yardley- phrase 'The London Look' (just like Rimmel!) 

False eyelashes mounted with mascara were all the rage!
Pale matte eye shadows with black eyeliner in the crease of the eye. The eyeliner was a definite line, no smudging involved!
Eyeliner was fashionable to be flicked out at the ends. This style is inspired from the 1950s.

Eyebrows- groomed and shaped then defined using a brow pencil. The thickness of the eyebrow is completely up to you!
Cheeks- Pastel colours. Blusher wasn't always applied at the cheeks, it was sometimes worn at the temples, under the jaw or underneath the hair line. This was to add subtle definition. Blushers were also matte. 
Lips- Once again pastel colours! Lips were not lined with lip liner. Lipsticks were also matte. The Yardley lipstick collection was the most popular brand.

1960s Yardley makeup

Hope you've enjoyed my lil' lesson in 1960s makeup! Will be posting about 1960s hairstyles soon!

Laura xx

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