Sunday, 25 November 2012

Snow is falling, all around (i wish)

Thought I'd do a random weekend post as I've decided to merge both my blogs (the fashion one and the personal one) into one big one as its a whole lot easier to handle! So here's some of the ramblings going on in my brain...
Rain today

Waiting for snow! 

Sat on my bed looking out my window at the rain... 'I love living in England, it always rains' i think to myself (heavy sarcasm.)

Just finished a ton load of homework so am now planning my next blog post... I think I'll do something along the lines of Christmassy Nail Art. Need to purchase some good nail varnish to do this one, going to have a rummage around in Topshop, can always rely on them to have some awesome sparkly nail varnish! Really beginning to feel festive now which is not like me as i'm such a summer person! I am missing the sun like mad though!:( Let me know in the comments section below if there's a blog post/tutorial that you'd like me to do!

Also established this week that I'm actually a pretty big One Direction fan and that I'm in love with Conor Maynard. <3 and that...
love these images!

4 weeks and counting till my 16th birthday, can literally not wait, am dying for a professional camera (fingers crossed!) Decided to plan a 1960s theme bday party as the 1960s dress code was awesome! Big hair, false eyelashes and cool dresses. YES! (Have now just discovered there were two fashions in the 1960s- Mod and Hippy, personally I like Mod.)
Penelope Cruz gone 1960s

Last weekend I Ombre-d my hair for a little experiment... worked well but was very very subtle! Going to have another go at that when I fork out some money to buy the hair dye. I used L'Oreal Ombre Kit and it was great! Cost £6.00, so pretty cheap, and was so easy to apply! Definatly buying that one again!


An Ombre-d bun!

Yes, there is a slight difference! Put on your glasses and look closely! ;)

If you haven't heard of the website I seriously recommend you check it out! It is highly addictive so be warned! Whilst your there, give me a follow;)  

So anyway till next Sunday! Have a super week! See you!
Laura xx
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