Thursday, 29 November 2012

A day in the life...

Wake up

Decide to get up (eventually)

Can't get through the day without a cuppa tea when I wake up!
Eat breakfast (i wish my breakfast looked this good!)

Get dressed

Makeup (wish I was the glamorous!)
Get to school (wish I was this retro)

In class (dulllll)
Lunchtime (yes i'm a twilight fanatic)

Drive home
HOME! best time of the day!

I eat like a ton of food when I get home from school because the school dinners at my school are soo yuck!
This pretty much sums up my feelings towards homework...

Dinner. I love pasta. It's amazing.

Blogging and general chill time

Cuppa tea before bed :)

Then I go to bed - another brilliant time in my day!

Laura xx

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  1. I ACTUALLY LOVE THIS! So true! <333

    lots of love Hamida, xx


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