Friday, 18 January 2013

Benetint Review

I am absolutely loving Benefit at the moment! The other day I went for a little browse round the Benefit makeup counter in town and came across this great product, known as 'Benetint'. I tried it and knew I mustmustmust do a review on it!
Benetint is a lip and cheek stain. Apparently it was first designed for an exotic dancer in the 
It is said to be 'kiss proof' which, you know, might come in handy...someday.. The first time you apply it onto your lips it adds only a hint of colour but you can build it up to be a stronger red. It smells of roses but I personally think it smells like Turkish Delight (and tastes like it too!) It stays on all day which is great if you have a busy day at work or school lined up and don't have time to reapply any lippy. 
I was always a little but dubious of lip tints as I always find them soo annoying how I can never get them off when I want to or I find they can make my lips dry. But not Benetint, it actually made my lips feel really smooth which is an added bonus. 
It's a really great product for the cheeks as well. Don't be put off by the dark red colour because when rubbed into the cheeks it looks really subtle but just gives a nice healthy look. 
There are also two other Benetint colours available known as 'Posietint' which is said to be a poppy pink colour and 'Chachatint' which is mango coloured. I haven't tried these two yet but am desperate too! 

Benetint is £24.50 so a bit pricey but totally worth it!
Hope you've enjoyed this review!
Till next time :)
Laura xx


  1. Really love this, I got mine free with a glamour magazine! xxx

    1. ah so lucky! Same, it's such a good product!

  2. i love benetint! a bottle lasts forever :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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