Friday, 4 January 2013

Looks I'm Loving: The Dewy Look

In these cold winter months I find my face can become really dry looking. The look I'm loving at the moment is the 'dewy' look. I love this look because it makes your skin look radiant and healthy, just the look I need in winter!
I've done a bit of trying different products to try and create the perfect healthy, slightly tanned, dewy look. Here's some products that I use and strongly recommend if you are looking to create that dewy look :) 

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and concealer
I am loving this foundation and concealer! It has a very slight shimmer to it and gives me a really healthy glow. I have the shade soft beige and I find it gives me a really natural look slight tan (not in a 'you've just been tango-ed' way though!) It's quite a light consistency but is build-able. I have naturally really annoying dark circles under my eyes and I find that this concealer really does cover them up and make me look as the name suggests, more awake, which is fab if you have to get up early and are looking a bit on the sleepy side!
Concealer- £5.49
Foundation- £8.99

Benefit High Beam
This product is amazing! It works as a highlighter/complexion enhancer, but I actually put it on my lips sometimes (bit odd, I know) as I think it looks really nice a lip gloss! Aside from my lips, I put this product on my brow bone, the top of my cheek bone and at the top of my mouth, you know, where your lip kinda dips down, this creates a fuller looking lip. I dot this product over makeup and it just gives me a really healthy glow and makes me look like I have more of a cheek bone which is great! I little bit goes a long way, so I have a feeling this product will last me for ageees!
Price- £18.50 pretty pricey but worth every penny!
Bourjois Blush
I think Bourjois Blushes are great and add a slight shimmer to your face! I'm very choosy when it comes to blush colour and I normally opt for a lighter shade as it suits me better than a darker shade. 
The colour I use Cendre de Rose Brune which is like a light pinky colour.
Price: price ranges depending on which shop you buy it from but in Boots it's £5.49

To be honest, I have a slight beauty confession bronzer wise, a few months ago I got given a Claires Accessories makeup kit, and I know that Claires aren't famous for their amazing makeup products, but there's a golden kinda colour powder in there which I use. (It's actually pretty good!) I put this in the dips of my cheekbones to make them look more prominent. So any good bronzer that you like will do fine for this step! :) 

Bare Minerals Sundress Glimmer Eyeshadow
Any goldeny colour eyeshadow is perfect to create a dewy look but I love Bare Minerals Sundress Eyeshadow! It has such a lovely glimmer to it, especially when it's a sunny day! On the Bare Minerals website it is described as a light spring time yellow colour but I would say it's a lot more golden and much more subtle than yellow. It's such a pretty eyeshadow and makes brown eyes stand out!
Price: £14.00

what 'sundress' looks like on
Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner in dark brown
I think brown eyeliner goes so well with a goldeny coloured eyeshadow, the compliment each other! I love this eyeliner, it's great for top above your eye or on your waterline. I often find that when I put eyeliner on my waterline it comes off really easily, but this liner stays on for ages which is great! I don't have keep reapplying especially if I'm out and about or at school.
Price: £4.49

Vaseline Rosy Lips
It may sound boring but I love Vaseline, it's brilliant! I love the rosy lips colour as it's slightly tinted. 
Price: £1.99

Soap and Glory Naked Beige Lipstick
If you want to be a bit more adventurous, I recommend the Soap and Glory Satin Finish lipstick in the colour Naked Beige. This colour is natural and goes really well with the tanned, dewy kind of look :)
Price: £9.00
I know which lip product I'd go for! (Vaseline ;) 

That's about it for my dewy look! I hope it's given you some inspiration! I seriously love this look and would love to hear some of your product recommendations for this look as well! I have mentioned some of these products in past blog posts so I'll put a link to them posts at the bottom if you want to go and have a read of them posts as well! :)

Till next time!
Laura xx


  1. I have the foundation and concealer and they do work wonders haha! The glimmer eyeshadow looks awesome on you :)

    Jamie x

    1. haha they sure do! thankyou! I love golden eyeshadows at the moment!

  2. I love the dewy look, I think that I am going to get the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation because everyone seems to love it! Have you had any experiences of it breaking you out though? xxx

    1. I know, it has so many great reviews, that's what made me buy it! No never had any experiences with break outs which is so so good!

  3. Benefit High Beam is a must for a nice glow on your skin!

    I've just came across your blog and I really like it! Love your layout. If you want to check out my blog it is

    New follower.



    1. It totally is!
      Aw thank you so much! Sure I'd love to check out your blog!


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