Sunday, 31 March 2013

This or That Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Laura from hiyaitslaura to do the this or that tag!

All you have to do is answer what you prefer for each question :)


blush or bronzer?

lip gloss or lipstick?
Lip gloss

eye liner or mascara?

foundation or concealer?
Concealer! I seriously hate having dark rings!

neutral or color eye shadow?
Neutral, I look a bit crazy with colour eye shadows, they don't really suit me!

pressed or loose eye shadows?
Pressed, I always drop loose eyeshadow on the carpet :/

brushes or sponges


OPI or china glaz

Long or short?
In the middle :)

Acrylic or natural?

Brights or darks?
Depends on the season but probably darks

Flower or no flower?
No flower


perfume or body splash?
Body splash

lotion or body butter?
Body butter
body wash or soap?
Body wash

lush or other bath company?
Is it cheating to say both...?


jeans or sweat pants?

long sleeve of short?
In freezing cold England, long sleeves most definately!

dresses or skirts?

stripes or plaid?

 flip flops or sandals?
scarves or hats?

studs or dangly earrings?
Dangly earrings

necklaces or bracelets?

heels or flats?

cowboy boots or riding boots?
Cowboy boots

jacket or hoodie?

forever 21 or charlotte russe?
Forever 21

Abercombie or Hollister?

saks 5th or nordstrom?
Don't know either of these shops!


curly or straight?
Not an option but wavy and if I had to choose one, straight

bun or ponytail?

bobby pins or butterfly clips?
Bobby pins

hair spray or gel?
Hair spray
long or short?

light or dark?

side sweep bangs or full bangs?
Side sweep bangs

up or down?


Rain or shine?

Summer or winter?

Fall or spring?

 Chocolate or vanilla?

 East coast or west coast?
Never been to the west coast but really want to! So just because I've never been west coast, I'm going to have to say east coast

I'm going to tag:
Beauty Crush
Charlotte's Web
what rebecca rose knows

I hope you all enjoyed reading this tag :)
Happy Easter! I hope you're having a chocolatey time where ever you are! 

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Catchup and a spot of baking...

Hiya everyone :)

I haven't blogged for ages so I thought I'd do a lil' catchup post! I have my Easter holidays now for the next few weeks which is fab a break from school is much need! This week I'll also post a spring makeup tutorial for y'all!- a makeup tutorial finally! So, lets have a chat...:)

It is freezing in England at the moment and I'm so desperate for some sun I find my self streaming WeHeartIt for some tropical looking pictures. I am craving summer more than ever before, the smell of sunscreen, long hot days & nights, BBQs and sun tans. And most importantly summery makeup!- golden, yellow glittery eyeshadows and natural tanned beach bum looks. So for those of you who feel the same way as me here's some pictures to hopefully make you feel tropical for a second:

Now hows about some foody talk. Last week I decided to bake a cake! Well 2 cakes actually, a Lemon Drizzle and a Coffee Cake. So when I decided to make these to cakes I was expecting the end product to look something like this...

My cakes didn't quite end up looking quite THIS good but they still turned out pretty fab (bearing in mind I'm no where near the world's best at baking!) Also it's very important that when cooking you put your hair in the highest, sexiest bun possible (heavy sarcasm) here's my bun: 
Just make sure you don't forget you have your hair in this
amazing bun and go out the house like this or you may get some
weird looks (I am speaking from experiance) ;)

My cakes!
Lemon Drizzle

Coffee Cake

Not quite tea room standard but I tried! and they tasted pretty good :) If you would like to see a recipe for either of these cakes let me know in the comments down below.

Next up fashion! I have recently joined this website called 'Wantworthy'. It's a great website and the purpose of it is so if you see something (eg an item of clothing from Topshop) you can add it to your wantworthy list. It really helps me keep track of all the summer fashions and makeup that I need to start saving up for. You can even follow my wantworthy list if you like :) So go check it out, its great! 

Now for musicccc :D
The Way- Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller
High Hopes - kodaline
Radioactive- Imagine Dragons (featured in the host trailer. Desperate to see this film!)
22- Taylor Swift

I hope you've enjoyed this fairly random post! Now for a week of revision, I swear it's never ending! Also look out for my tutorial in the coming week :) 
As you probably know if you read my posts regularly, I like to end these slightly random posts with a positive picture to make you smile this week...

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Get the Look: Cara Delevingne

Hiya guys!
Long time no see! I'm really sorry about my lack of posting lately but I have had so much work on recently, but at last I've found some time for a spot of blogging :)

Ever since London Fashion Week I have been inspired by so many looks, especially model of the moment, Cara Delevingne. I love how she can switch her look so easily from 'laid back' to glamour. If, like me, you have been loving her look then here's all you need to do to get it :)

The look I'm doing is inspired by this photo, when she was at the British Fashion Awards:


Brows are optional depending on how dark your eyebrows already are, but if you choose to do brows I recommend the BareMinerals Brow Palette :)

 For hair just do a simple middle parting and boost it up with L'Oreal Salt Spray
This stuff is insanely good and gives hair so much texture :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post and it has given you some Cara Delevingne style ideas! Sorry it was only a quick one but I must crack on with my revision! 
Hope you're all having a great March wherever you are :)