A little bit about me

Thought I'd create a little page to tell you a bit about the person behind the blog...

On the 26th October 2012 ElleBlogsBeauty was born! The initial purpose of ElleBlogsBeauty is to share my life, ideas, ambitions, and of course makeup and fashion ideas etc. with like minded people and hope they find it interesting! 

Heres a little intro to me:
Name: Laura aka. ElleBlogsBeauty
Likes: well, i have a lot of like so here's a few... coloured ink, photography, makeup, food, fashion, a good love story, art (altho i'm not to good at it), cooking, travelling, happy songs, blue sky, pop tarts, peanut butter, summer and comedies.

Due to school and life in general I stopped blogging in September 2013 but just over a year later have decided to revive this blog, recreating it as 'Love, Laura.' I wanted to do this as I started this blog when I was 15, I am now nearly 18 so I have very different ideas and a (tiny) bit more experience when it comes to blogging! 

 Enjoy my blog!

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