Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Trends

So  in 1 month today it'll be Christmas. I'm really starting to feel festive so I thought I'd share with you some fashions that i'll be trending this Christmas!

Burgundy/Dark Red colours 

I am in loveee with this gorgeous burgundy colour right now! The best place to shop for items in this gorgeous colour is Topshop, they are going crazy for it as well as me!
Polka Dot Dress- £38.00

Big Jumpers

Big snuggly knitted jumpers are so in this Autumn and I'm dying to purchase one! Burgundy knit jumpers are the ultimate!
Crystal Lace Jumper- £50.00

For a bit of festive fun- £50.00



Lace is always thought to be very October and a halloweeny type fashion. But i say make the most of because you won't be able to wear it in summer! Lace looks so elegant, fashionable and gorgeous.
Black Lace Dress- £36.00

Knitted Items

Knitted snoods, berets, hats, scarfs etc. Knitted is so snuggly and will keep you warm all through winter, plus it's fashionable!
Aztec Snood- £18.00

I hope you've enjoyed reading through my little list of Christmas fashions. I made this list based on my own opinion and Topshop (I'm craaazy about Topshop!) 

Next Sunday or if I get a free moment in the week I shall be posting about Christmas nails! (getting festive now!) 
Till next time!
Laura xx

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