Monday, 24 June 2013

Top 10 cities I'd love to visit ♥

As it's summer and lots of people are going on holiday and travelling, it's got me thinking of all the cities I haven't yet visited and would love to! Which cities would you like to visit? What's been your favourite city you've visited?

1. Dubai, UAE
A beach in a city sounds awesome! It's hot and has some seriously good shopping opportunities! I also have not yet visited an Arab country, but would love to as I'm really fascinated by the food and the culture.

2. Rome, Italy
Also amazing for shopping. I LOVE Italian food and being a foodie Rome seems like the place to go. Plus I'd love to drive a Vespa. 

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
A friend of mine has recently come back from Buenos Aires and said they loved it! I really want to go to Latin America and Buenos Aires seems like the place to go.

4. Los Angeles or San Francisco, USA
I'm going to count both of these as one as although they are both very different cities they are in the same state, California. As I still have sooo many cities to include in my list, I'll count both these cities together.

5. Athens, Greece

6. Sydney, Australia
Hot, sunny, yes please!

7. Bangkok, Thailand

8. Palermo, Sicily
I am of Sicilian decent and would therefore love to explore my ancestry in Sicily! Plus, the city looks soo nice!

9. Cannes, France
Apparently, I have been here before however I was only 1 so I don't remember it haha!

10. Marrakech, Morocco

There it is! My lil' bucket list of cities I'd love to visit! If you have been to any of these cities let me know what you thought of them, I'd love to hear!
I think I've covered just about every continent. Now I've got some serious saving up to do!


  1. I'd love to go to all of these places!
    My favourite city would have to be New York! I could happily go there every year and not be bored!

    Love your blog, I found you via the BloggersBunch Summer Blog Hop!
    Following you via bloglovin' and GFC
    Be sure to check my blog out :)


    1. Yeah, New York is amazing! Thankyou so much for your follow! :)

  2. I'd love to go to California too! Rome and Athens seem to be nice cities and aren't so far away from my country ... :D

  3. Athens is such a gorgeous city to visit! I've been 4 times and I love it! But i'd love to go to California or New York!xx


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