Saturday, 1 June 2013

Summer Bronze Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Hello lovelies! 

This is my first ever makeup tutorial! Waheey! My first tutorial is going to be a simple one but I hope you enjoy it and I hope it gives you some inspiration for some sparkly golden summery eye makeup! 

Also if you have any tutorial requests, these could consist of celebrity inspired makeup, makeup for a season etc. then let me know in the comments section and I'll try my very best to recreate this look for you :)

For this look I am using:

Eyeshadow 1- A light shimmery white colour
Eyeshadow 2- A darker golden brown shimmer
Eyeshadow 3- Brown shimmer
Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner
Maybelline Volum' Express
Rimmel Match Perfection
Some random white eyeline- LOL I don't even know where this eyeliner is from but any white eyeliner will do! ;)
Step 1- 
I applied 'Rimmel Match Perfection Highlight and Concealor' on my eyelid to act as an eyeshadow base. It also highlights your eyelid really nicely!

Step 2-
I then dusted eyeshadow 1 all over my eye lid to add a subtle shimmer. I also added it to the inner corner of my eye to open up my eyes and make them look more awake.

Step 3-

Next I added eyeshadow 2 to the middle and outer third of my eyelid to give my eye some definition and gradually build up the bronze look. Then add eyeshadow 3 to the inner crease in your eye to add some more definition.

sorry it's a bit blurred!
Step 4-
Then I added Collection 2000 felt tip liner. I also added a little flick but this is totally optional!

Step 5-
Lastly I added Maybelline Volum' Express mascara.

Voila! Finished! That's my eye makeup look complete. I normally wear this look on a daily basis in some as it's so simple yet so pretty and shimmery! 

Just to clarify I'm not naked I'm wearing a halter top haha!
Above is an overall view of this eye makeup look! I am also wearing MAC 'Crosswires' Lipstick. 

That's it for this tutorial today, I hope you liked it! It was super simple so let me know what tutorials you would like to see next and maybe I'll try and do a more dramatic look! 


  1. This is an amazing tutorial! I love the whole look, it's really fresh.

    Bethany Paige X


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