Friday, 15 February 2013

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow...

I'm really not very consistent with my blog postings but life is so hectic at the moment! So this is a little catch up post :)
I'm still frantically trying to work out how to successfully take photos of a makeup tutorial so it looks good! I'm desperate to do makeup tutorials but I think it's so much easier to do them via YouTube so I'm thinking of making a YouTube account.. hmmm... decisions. 

So yesterday was Valentines Day aww... <3 
I had two Valentines.. my cat and one of my bestfriends.. yes, cats do count as valentines. I'm single but yet I love Valentines Day. It's such a cute day! I'm probably in the minority of singletons that think valentines day is cute. 
I had my own little valentines day celebration with my two friends. We got a Dominos Pizza and then just chatted and went completely hyper and crazy.
This photo pretty much sums up our craziness :)

Next onto music...
Top 5 favourite songs at the moment:
1. Let her go - Passenger (the lyrics are this blog post title)
2. Get Up (Rattle) - The Bingo Players ft. Far East Movement
3. This guy called 'Hunter Hayes' love all his songs!
4. Learn to Love Again - Lawson
5. Ways and Means - Snow Patrol (I'm literally crazy about Snow Patrol!)

All these songs are awesome so definitely recommend you check them out!

So now I only have 8 weeks left at school! WOW! Where has time gone?! Only feels like yesterday I was plodding along in year seven armed with my over-sized rucksack and scraped back ponytail. I have completely mixed emotions about leaving my school. I have been there since year 4 and as sad and geeky as this may sound, my school is like my second home. After all I spend more time at school than I do at home (that's a bit of a depressing thought actually.) 
There's so so SO many people who I'll miss soo much, (if any of these people are reading this you know who you are;) and there's also some other people who I really won't miss (hopefully those people won't be reading this...) However, at the end of the day I can't wait to get these darn exams over and done with and move on and meet loads of new and great people.

Also if anyone knows what this amazing sparkly stuff is please let me know!

Whatever you are doing in your life at the moment, make sure you do it with a smile. In the words of tumblr:

Rightio, I'm off now to have a hot chocolate and watch Dear John (if you haven't seen this film then you're missing a treat... Channing Tatum is BEAUTIFUL!) I hope this post wasn't to dull, shall be back with hopefully some tutorials next!

Till next time,
Laura xx


  1. how old are you then? If you're leaving school x

  2. Really want to see your makeup tutorial, excited! xxx


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