Friday, 21 December 2012

One big post full of 1960s party, outfit, makeup and present reviews!

As you all probably know yesterday was my birthday! :) I wanted to do a post about what I wore and makeup (to give anyone thinking of having a 1960s party some ideas.) I'll also share with you some of the lovely presents I got as it may give you some ideas Christmas present ideas.

What I wore: 
This dress is from Warehouse. I bought it in the Spring for my summer holiday. 
I was aiming to dress like a hippie for my 60's bash so I thought this dress looks slightly 1969 summer of love-ish. 
The dress has a V-neck cut at the front and a a fairly low back. The straps tie around the back of your neck. (sorry I haven't got a photo to demonstrate this!)
Unfortunately I have no clue of how much it cost as I bought it months ago! (Wow hasn't 2012 gone quickly!)
Casually crop my face outta this photo! But this is what the dress looks like on :)

For accessories I wore:
This lovely necklace with peace signs on it. I got this from a shop called Bijou Brigitte. It cost around £5.00 so a pretty good price! 
I love buying jewelry  I'm such a jewelry junky! 

I also wore a headband! I have no clue where this headband is from, I was rummaging through my mum's big bag full of scrap material. (she's an artist so she likes to keep these things!)

That's about it for jewelry, I completely forgot about bracelets, whoops!
Now my favourite bit, MAKEUP!
Here's a picture summary of what makeup I wore. I would list them individually however I have mentioned most of these item in previous posts and I don't want to bore y'all!

BB Blemish Balm
So Matte 14 hour makeup 
benefit high beam
Maybelline Define-a-lash
Glam Crystals eyeliner- I dotted this over my eyelid to add a bit of a sparkle, unfortunatly I don't have a photo!
Bourjois Blusher

I wanted to go for a really subtle make up look as hippies makeup was quite subtle. But of course I couldn't go 1960s without false eyelashes!
The Eylure lashes were great, defiantly recommend them! I think they looked quite realistic.
These eyelashes are also only £3!

Last but not least, Nails! I tried to be a bit hippyish and creative with my nails however my weakness is painting nails!
I used Collection 2000 Hot Stuff nail varnish

I also thought I'd share with you some presents that I got! I always feel like I'm boasting when I talk about what gifts I got given but I hope it gives you some ideas for Christmas presents and maybe birthday presents for friends/family. 

Firstly, I got The Body Shops The Sparkler. I'd never seen this product before. It's so nice though! You spray it anywhere and it comes out a lovely bronzey glitter. It looks so pretty and really Christmassy.

I also got some lovely chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. A great Christmassy indulgence! 
I got a lovely necklace as well, I love French themed jewelry! Eiffel Towers etc.
I also got the most amazing poster EVERRRR!
And finally I got some lovely cosy boots from Republic, apparently Republic at the moment!
I hope this post has been interesting and also given you some ideas of last minute Christmas presents! And I hope you liked my 1960s make-shift outfit! 
Till next time!
Laura xx


  1. nice products *-* your blog is very good and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. The body shop sparkler look so pretty! Lovely products xx

    1. It is, I didn't realize just how sparkly it was til I sprayed it haha! thankyou :)


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