Friday, 14 December 2012

My most wanted Nars products!

I am LOVING Nars at the moment! It took me literally ages to think what Nars product I should put on my Wishlist/ start saving up for, as they are pretty pricey, but still amazing! 
Here's a select few of the Nars products that I would love, however if I could I would buy the whole shop!

#1 Satin Lipstick - Afghan Red colour  £17.50

I've been wanting a red lipstick for ages now. My initial reason for wanting a red lipstick is because I really like the vampy- type look, I also think the dark red colour would go so nice with thick, black liquid liner. 
This is from the satin lipstick range, it contains conditioners and antioxidants that hydrate, nourish and protect your lips. Just what is needed in this freezing weather!

#2 Trio Eyeshadow- Arabian Nights  £33.00
I wrote about this gorgeous eyeshadow in my blog post 'my wishlist' so hop over to there to check it out! This eyeshadow sorta reminds me of New Years Eve! I think it'd be a great eyeshadow to wear to a party! It's soo pretty, I'm in love ;)

#3 Larger than life long-wear eyeliner- Via Veneto  £17.00

This eyeliner looks really nice and easy to apply. I try to go for a more interesting shade, maybe a dark green, but I can't resist classic black eyeliner, it's so versatile! With black eyeliner I also feel as though I can give it any look/ feel I want to suit my mood :)

#4 The Multiple- Maldives  £29.00

For those of you who aren't familiar with 'The Multiple' it's basically for lips, cheeks and eyes all in one! Very handy me thinks! I love the colour of this product as, obviously, I wanted to go for one that I think would suit my eyes, lips and cheeks. I also think that this product is very handy to carry around with you, to school for instance. At my school I have to wear a blazer (it's awful) and my pockets are always filled to the brim with my blusher, eyeliner/shadow and my lipgloss. However with this product I'd only need one makeup product in my pocket! Result!

#5 Andy Warhol Highlighting Blush  £21.00

This is from Nars's Andy Warhol collection. I have been meaning to try a highlighter for ages but still haven't! This colour looks pretty much perfect and I would love to give it a go to give my skin a slightly dewy, shimmery look. 

That was my very select few of my most wanted Nars products, and maybe one day I will have finally bought them all (I wish.) All in all that came to £117.50... gulp... hey ho I can dream;) Obviously for some of these products eg. the highlighter I could find a cheap alternative however this colour is pretty much perfect and a girl can dream :) 
I have broken up from school today, waheeey! So will try and blog slightly more than usual!
Ta ta for now :)
Laura xx


  1. I'm utterly obsessed with Nars. Everything is so luxe! The Arabian Nights shadow trio is gorgeous!! x

    1. I love nearly all their eyeshadow but the Arabian Nights one was definitely the prettiest!


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