Sunday, 4 August 2013

Somerset Holiday Diary ~ Day2 | Witches and all things Glastonbury

(sorry I'm posting this a bit late!) 

On Friday Glastonbury was calling! Besides from the music festival held their, which I would LOVE to go to, Glastonbury is also well known for all things witchcraft and magic. It's a very spiritual place and is basically the UK's version of Salem in Massachusetts. 

I really liked Glastonbury as it was very eclectic. However, I get really easily spooked out about things such as karma, magic and all things spiritual, (thanks vivid imagination!)

Skeleton Lampost
I wondered on it to this really cool little Indian style shop. It had a Hindu vibe about it, displaying lots of pictures of Hindu Gods. There was three floors which old rickety staircases leading up. Each floor was filled with lanterns, cushions and incense.

Rows and rows of incense
One incense was called 'Dragons Breath'... not sure I'm too keen to see what that smells like!

I'd go to Narnia
In a witches shop

For an outfit inspiration to fit the Glastonbury style, I'm suggest a bohemian style outfit!
Necklace: Topshop
Top: New Look
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

I like this outfit as it has a bohemian feel to it but is perfect for a hot summers day. The shoes are also really comfy for walking around town.

I have already done a post on Bohemian Style so click here to read that!

Do you like/ believe in all things mystical? Have you ever been to Glastonbury?

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