Friday, 30 August 2013

Room Tour! ♡

 I am so addicted to Pinterest at the moment and I especially like taking inspiration from all the bedroom pics on there as they have some really lovely bedroom design ideas. This has inspired me to do a room tour blog post today, although my room isn't quite as fancy as the bedrooms on Pinterest!
So, come on in...

LOVE sign- Fenwicks
Calender- Audley
Cushions from India and variess craft fairs

Books, Folders, DVDS and glitter lamp area
School folders, DVDs, glitter lamp and Audrey Hepburn picture.
Audrey pic- Fenwicks

Films: all from HMV

Miniture book make by:
Beauty Corner

A&F 'Wakely' perfume
Zara Rose Perfume
Coco Chanel 'Madamoiselle'
Next 'Flowers' perfume
Soap and Glory 'Mist You Madly'

Random glasses selfie ;) 
Desk Area

Laptop- Acer
Book- Birdsong

Picture  Frames- I think Paperchase but not 100% sure!

closing the door...

So that is basically my room summed up in pictures! I am currently in the process of buying new items, bedding etc. for my bedroom so I will most likely do an updated room tour in the near future!

Hope you've enjoyed this slightly different style of blog post! 

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