Saturday, 24 September 2016

Travel // Barbados

Barbados. Sun, sea, cocktails and beaches. I have now been to Barbados three times, once when I was about 8 and twice last year in July and December.
I don't remember much from my holiday when I was 8, however I do remember this loverly moment.... The one of the right was the bell boy and on the left was the guy in charge of water sports. He used to strut up and down the beach whilst teenage girls oggled him, and who can blame them!? ;)

 So last July I went on a family holiday plus my best friend, Emily, to Barbados. Which, as you can imagine, we were both crazily excited about! We had a great time, staying in The Colony Club hotel in St. James province. We made lots of friends with the hotel staff, including a lovely waiter called Antonio who used to patrol the beach handing out cold towels, cucumber and ice cream. I was in my element! The picture below is one of the bar men called Neil. We caught him sneaking plantain chips out of the tub when no one was looking. 

 This is Javany. One of the watersports instructors, who also ended up showing us the nightlife in St.Lawrence Gap.
Most days we spent chilling on the beach, listening to music and getting our tan on. One day we hired a car and drove round the island. It was fascinating to see a completely opposite, far more relaxed way of life when compared to the hustle and bustle of England. It was a way of life I could definitely get used to.

 As a foodie the highlight of my holiday was without a doubt going to The Cliff restaurant near St. Lawrence Gap. If you're not familiar with the cliff it is essentially a restaurant set on top of a cliff (funnily enough), with great big torches coming out the side of the restaurant, illuminating the water below enabling you to watch the different fish and sting rays as you eat your dinner. Not only does it look stunning but the food is also pretty damn amazing. 

 Another highlight is Oistins Fish Fry, where you get lush food for super affordable prices, can have a browse round some stalls and dance to live reggae music in the square. When I went during summer it was slinging it down with rain, so me and my friend danced the night away to reggae in the rain. 

 Me and Emily loved our time in Barbados so much that we decided to work throughout what was remaining of summer 2015 and put our pennies together to afford a plane ticket back in December. We share the same birthday (Dec 19th) so we decided to spend our birthday out there. This time we stayed in a hotel in the buzzing atmosphere that is St. Lawrence Gap, directly opposite the nightclub 'Sugar' and just down the road from a karaoke bar. Every night we could hear people singing their heart out till the early hours of the morning... yes this did get slightly annoying after a while! We also met up with some of our friends we made from the summer and it was lovely to catchup with them! 

                                            Fruit Punch aka. THE BEST DRINK EVER.

 I can safely say Barbados is one of my most favourite places I have visited so far. If you can put up with humidity making you hair go frizzy I would strongly recommend a trip to paradise! I really want to explore more of the Caribbean, maybe somewhere like Jamaica or Antigua.

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