Saturday, 8 November 2014

heart to heart ~ it's okay not to be okay/ Laura's Guide on how to have a darn good 'down day'

I have decided to start a new series on this blog called 'heart to heart'! The aim of this is to discuss more serious/controversial issues. Essentially these posts are the place where I become a Buddha-like figure and try as best I can to answer and give a bit of past experience/wisdom about certain issues... I'm by no means so philosophical guru so bear with me, I'm trying;)

Recently, I have been hearing about from others or experiencing myself the very shitty rut also known as sadness or 'feeling depressed.' I put 'feeling depressed' in speech marks as obviously there is a difference of severity being feeling depressed and actually being depressed. Feelings of sadness can be caused by many thing; relationships/breakups, family issues, friendship issues, worries, school or some days you just wake up and feel really darn sad for no apparent reason, which is also completely normal. 
Today has been one of those 'sad' days. For no apparent reason I have felt doom and gloom, no matter how hard I've tried it has been painfully difficult to try and force a smile. All day I have spent trying and trying to make myself feel cheery and upbeat, longing for a hint of joire d'vivre. However, I still haven't found my joire d'vivir today. That's when, approximately half an hour ago I realised, it's okay to have a sad day or a 'down day' as I like to call them. So here is an exclusive preview to:


1) Shower ... I know we're having a down day but that doesn't mean hygiene goes out the window ok? Never ever never. 

2) Once showered tie hair in crazy messy bun, resembling a pineapple as best you can. 

3) Put on cosy pj bums and an oversized hoodie (preferably one bought from the men's section)
PJ bums - Gilly Hicks

Hoodie - Republic #downdaychic
4) Grab some chocolate and get ready for those endorphines to be released... I've opted for Minstrals. 

5) Get yo'self on Netflix. 

6) Cry, mope and just keep yourself to yourself for a day ... (although we are having a down day we don't want to be spreading on sadness to anyone else so maybe tuck yourself away for a day.) 

 So embrace the day. It's okay to feel gloomy for no apparent reason  once in a while. Through experience I've come to realise the only way to deal with a 'down day' is to embrace that down day, wallow and eat chocolate, watch films and weep if you must. 

Now I am aware that their is a possibility of two thoughts flouting through your cranium; 'I thought this post was meant to be uplifting?' and 'Why is she telling me to be down? This isn't how wikihow told me to deal with my sadness.' 
In answer to any thoughts of a similar nature you might be having right now, yes, I am encouraging you to be sad and wallow for a day BUT and it's a big but... when the clock strikes 5 do something productive and feel good no matter how big or small it may be. Whether your productive deed is doing 20 squats or rustling up some super healthy feast make sure you do. 5 o'clock is the time to put on a flick of mascara, take your hair out of that pineapple bun and throw on some leggings (as opposed to crazy checkered pj bums.) 
The whole purpose of a down day is to make yourself feel better without even realising it. My piece of productiveness seeing as now is the end of my down day is writing this post. I sit here tapping away on my keyboard, admittedly still sporting the pineapple bun, however a lot happier. Because now I know that even when I have a low day I can still achieve something, making something of that day. If it hadn't of been for my overall feeling of glumness today I probably wouldn't be sat here writing this post. I have also made a plan of what I'm going to achieve tomorrow and gathered some exciting ideas for up and coming trips out with friends over Christmas.

Having a down day isn't a lifestyle choice. It's a day. A single day. For me I'd say I have approximately 10 down days out of 365 days in a year. Don't let sadness hold you back. Embrace it then move on. Make plans, exciting plans that you can look forward to, watch uplifting films/shows on Netflix, gradually you'll start to feel brighter and more motivated to ensure tomorrow is a good day.

Now you have been exposed to the wisdom that is Laura's darn good down day guide I hope you're feeling full of wisdom;) Seriously though, it is okay not to be okay sometimes, not everyone is happy and jolly 24/7. Embrace every emotion and feeling, just embrace some more than others. Embrace the feeling of sadness but not for so long it consumes you. 


PS. If today has been your down day it's past 5 o'clock, you now should have completed something productive and fulfilling, looking forward to the new day that is tomorrow :) 

Remember a down day is by no means everyday, it's only a one off kinda deal. 

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