Thursday, 6 November 2014

Diary ~ halloween, tonsillitis and getting my blog on

For the second time in the past two months, I have tonsillitis for the second time... not happy. If anyone can suggest any remedies for tonsillitis please let me know in the comments! However, looking on the bright side, I now have some quality time in bed which can only mean one thing - TIME TO GET MY BLOG ON! Trying to juggle blogging and studying for my A2 exams is proving difficult as I haven't blogged once since starting my blog up again. So, please bear with me! Any free moment I get I shall be blogging! :)

Last week was half term, a much needed break, which resulted in me doing virtually any school work (well done Laura...) Despite the lack of work there definitely wasn't a lack of halloween partying. Normally I'm not the most original or imaginative person when it comes to Halloween, so I decided to try and put in a little bit more effort costume-wise... for halloween party 1 I went as a 'zombie pink lady.'
Black Lace Top - New Look  - As this top is very sheer I wore a bandeau top underneath. I paired that with plain black leggings and some black boots with a slight heel.
Pink Lady Jacket - Amazon
Unfortunately I don't have any decent pictures of my outfit from that night as they're all a bit blurry!

When halloween party 2 came around I decided to make use of my disgusting old school uniform, zombiefying it up to go as a 'zombie school girl'... I have a real zombie theme going on this year...
Once again I hardly captured any good photos of this outfit...really not doing fab  on the photography front lately..

Now that Halloween has concluded for this year everyone's minds are immanently drawn to the prospect of Christmas and all things festive. To be truthful, I've never been a Christmas-lover as I'm much more a summertime person. This year, however, I have decided to throw myself right into the depths of Christmas cheer and spirit in a will to enjoy it. I'm planning some highly festive posts for all you Christmas fanatics out their. If you have any blog post ideas or requests I'd love to hear them!

Now I shall go and snooze off my tonsillitis with some dissoluble paracetamol and a bit of Netflix.. what a glamorous life I lead!


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