Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Wantworthy and Instagram - 30 days of beauty

Hello Everyone!
This is just a super quick post to let you know about a few new things/websites.

First I just wanted to really quickly tell you about a website called 'Wantworthy.' The purpose of this website is when you see an item of clothing, makeup, DVD etc. you like, you can add it to your 'Wantworthy' list. Wantworthy helps you keep track of what you like/are saving up for and I also love looking at other people's lists and getting beauty/fashion ideas as well :)
This is not amazingly explained I know so please check out my Wantworthy list and if you like what you see create your own!
I first heard about Wantworthy from Zoella in a recent video of hers. (So if you do check out Wantworthy make sure to check out her list as well!)
My Wantworthy link is herehttp://www.wantworthy.com/laurakingston
Also if you already have Wantworthy then let me know your link in the comments below and I'll check out your list! :) (I'm desperately trying to get inspiration for new clothes etc.)

You may or may not be already following me on Instagram (if you are then thankyou!) I just wanted to quickly let you know about the April beauty tag I am doing this month. #30daysofbeautyapril. If you too would like to partake in doing this tag then feel free! I thought this would be a good idea to do if any of you want so makeup/beauty product inspirations.
Check out my Instagram to see the tag! 
My Instagram: lauraaak_19

Sorry this was only quick post and not really beauty related! I have my Spring tutorial post in the week so keep an eye out for that! 


  1. these is a great post sweetie ! would you like to follow each other? let me know !! xoxo


  2. Just found your blog & i really like it:)
    I followed x

    feel free to check mine out, its a beauty blog too!

    1. Thank you so much for your follow! <3
      I will :)
      Laura xx

  3. This sound like an interesting site, I'll go check it out now! <33

    I am running an International Giveaway on my blog now, and I'd love it if you enter for the chance to win Chanel Lipstick and some Maybelline goodies! :))


  4. Think I might try to follow this till the end. Although there will be no toe nails picture lol!


  5. That tag sounds really cool, but I don't even own half of the stuff on that list :') Even so I've followed you on instagram to see what you put though ♥

  6. I am forsure going to have to start using wantworthy... organize my life :P!
    I'm really liking your blog! Would you like to follow each other?
    Check out my blog if you like and let me know...



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