Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Top 5 hair trends for Autumn 2012

I've been doing some research about hair trends that are fashionable this Autumn and come up with my top five favourites!
This website is also really handy for some fashionable hair ideas- http://www.elle.com/beauty/hair/fall-2012-hair-trends#slide-1

Top 5 hair trends

1) Messy Buns

I lovelovelove the messy bun look at the moment! It's so quick and easy to do and also looks so stylish! How you go about doing your messy bun is completely up to you but personally I put my head between my knees then flick it up again to ensure my hair is right on top of my head. Then I take my hair and twist it round my finger and then tie it with however many hair bands/pins necessary (normally quite a lot!) As the bun starts off really high, right at the top of your head, as the day goes on it will gradually fall into place, and if you have layered hair some strands may fall down around your face however I think this looks really elegant!
Another tip for doing a messy bun is to bouffon your hair first and then put in a bun, its 60's chic!

2) Twists

When people hair little twists in their hair it always reminds me of that medieval look, like Maid Marion in Robin Hood! I think hair twists look so elegant and beautiful!
It's completely up to you how you go about this look, however I always take a section of hair from either side of my face, twist it round my fingers, and then pin it back! It's so simple but yet so classy!

3) Rich chocolate and deep red colours

These two hair colours look so festive and Autumny! If your already a brunette like me, and you want to try a new hair colour this Autumn, I totally recommend a really deep rich red/mahogany colour! 
Here is the hair dye that I used to dye my hair an autumn colour! http://www.boots.com/en/Botanics-Semi-Permanent-Hair-Colour_863915/ 
I love the Botanics range, it make your hair feel so soft and nourished after use and comes with the most amazing silky hair conditioner! The colour I used from this range was 'deepest mulberry' strongly recommend it!
Looks a lot more of a dark red when its on your hair!

4) Middle Partings 

In my opinion middle partings are like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. However on some people I think that middle partings can look so classy! Whenever I decide to opt for a middle parting I normally combine this with my hair twists (see hairstyle 2.)

5) Plaits

I LOVE plaits! I love the look of the fish plait however I've never managed to master it! Just like Twists combined with middle partings, I think that plaits combined with middle partings look really great too! Try and be as creative as you can with plaits and try different styles just to decide which one you like the best! However don't over- do the plaits and end up looking like Medusa! ;) 

Hope this has given y'all some inspiration! 

Laura xxx

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