Friday, 26 October 2012

My First Post!

Autumn Fashion looks number 1- The Retro Look

For my first post I'm going to start by sharing a really retro and classy makeup look which is big this Autumn. 
I call this my simple but effective retro look.

1) Face

Apply your concealer and foundation as you normally would, then take a foundation powder about 3 shades darker to your natural colour and apply underneath the cheek bones and on both sides of your nose at the top. Then apply whatever blusher you normally would. (I highly recommend the Bourjois blusher collection.)

2) Eyes

To start with dust your eyelid with a smokey grey eye shadow, then take a lighter shade and go all the way till you reach just under your brow. Next grab a black kohl eyeliner and line all the way along your top eyelid getting thinner as you get to the inner corner of your eye making sure you add a noticeable flick on the outer corner. Then using a smudger, smudge in the eyeliner all along your top eyelid. This makes the eyeliner look a lot softer. Next grab a liquid eyeliner (my fave is Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour liner) and go over the kohl eyeliner making sure you don't forget the flick as this is one of the key features to this retro look! 

3) Lips

First dab on a bit of Vaseline to get your lips feeling soft. Then take a dark pink lipstick (the exact shade is completely up to you but I recommend Rock N' Rose 155 from L'Oreal) and slick a even layer over your lips. 

Hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial! Make sure you keep checking 'cus I'll keep on posting my new tutorials and fashion ideas for you all to try out yourselves! 

Laura xx

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