Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hand Luggage Essentials!

I have (finally) finished my A-Levels meaning it's time to get my blog back on! On Saturday I am jetting off to Barbados *excited squeals* so I thought I'd share with you what I'm taking in my hand luggage to possibly give you a lil inspiration if you too are jetting off somewhere fancy this Summer. Or maybe you just feel like being nosy and having a peak at what's in my hand luggage! ;)

...Oh and don't worry, I shall be sharing many posts ALL about Barbados with you!

1. Bag. Starting off with the most important part of hand luggage - the luggage bag itself. 

Rucksacks are fab for airports as you still have your hands free to browse the shops whilst waiting for your plane. It's also a lot better for your shoulder than carrying a heavy shoulder bag (trust me, I have had my fair share of excruciating shoulder pain before... thanks schoolbag.)

2. Makeup 

I purchased my clear makeup bag in a pack of 3 for £8 in Boots. Obviously, in hand luggage you have to carry a clear plastic makeup bag for security reasons, but I just LOVE this clear makeup bag and I have no clue why!? I guess I kinda like being able to see what I've packed inside. 

In Flight : 

Airplanes MAJORLY dry your skin out, and personally, I HATE the feeling of dry skin! Above I've packed:
Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating face & body moisturiser - £1.29

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula body moisturiser - £1.50
This moisturiser smells like chocolate it's amazing, plus it's super moisturising!

Revlon Colour stay Moisture Stain in 'Rio Rush' - £7.99

Personally, I don't like wearing makeup on long-haul flights however I like to add a bit of colour to my face whilst keeping my lips moisturised. 'Rio Rush' is a pretty light pink colour, if you apply a good amount it comes out fairly vibrant (which is perfect for the beach), however on an airplane I tend to just dab it on just to add a hint of colour.

Just before landing :

As I don't want to land in Barbados looking a complete mess (and lets face it, after an 8hr flight the dark under-eye circles will no doubt of made an appearance) I like to freshen up and apply some natural looking makeup just before landing.

Shown above:
Rimmel Volume Lash Scandal Eyes mascara in 'Black' - £6.99

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer in 'True Ivory' - £5.49
I swear by this concealer. It's for sure one of my 'holy grail' makeup products.

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer - £6.99
Primer is a must, especially seeing as I will be tired and therefore my dark circle prone. Also I'll be entering a very humid country meaning my makeup will slip off my face super easy - not sexy. I LOVE this primer, it makes makeup last so so much longer and also leaves skin feeling super duper soft.

Maybelline Dream Touch blush in 06 - £6.49
I have been using this blush for as long as I can remember, and although the packaging makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get product out if you have long nails, I still love the natural, dewy look this blusher gives.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer in Medium Matte - £5.61
This bronzer is a touch too dark for me but when lightly applied gives a really natural bronzed look. I don't want to get off the plane looking too pale and sun-deprived!

Revlon Color Burst matte balm in 'Audacious' - £7.99
This stay on for AGES and has a lovely fresh minty scent to it - just what I need after a flight. It's a very bright orange colour, making me feel instantly tropical!

3. Sunglasses are a must when soaring above the clouds and for when you land.
Casual reflection there...
I recently purchased these sunglasses from American Eagle and I'm IN LOVE. I love aviator sunglasses. These instantly make me feel super summery!

4. Books

Airplane journeys are the perfect time to catch-up on some 'me' time. I personally love the Bridget Jones film so decided to read the book this summer. Will make a nice change from academic reading! A light-hearted easy read for a plain journey is a must, whilst being a book you can totally immerse yourself in. I also purchased the book 'Cat Therapy'. This book is essentially 100 complex pictures of cats that you have to colour in (basically an adult colouring book.) I love colour and find it really relaxing and a perfect way to pass time on a flight.

5. Mobile & Headphones
'scuse the dirty phone screen...
Of course do NOT forget your mobile and headphones when travelling. I have recently downloaded a whole bunch of new songs ranging from upbeat dance tunes to more chilled out songs. Music and phone games is a perfect way to pass time on a flight. I've been loving the game by Ellen DeGeneres 'Heads Up' which is great to play if you're travelling with a friend and 'What If' which is also I highly amusing game. Alternatively I'll just sit and edit photos of clouds for a bit!

6. Other bits & bobs

Some other essentials include hand sanitizer, a nail file, and some journals. The brown one is my personal diary and the green one is just a random/ideas notebook. Usually on flights I'll spend time planning blog posts or jotting down some activities I want to do on holiday.

Oh and also don't forget some snacks! I haven't pictured my snacks here as I will buy them at the airport but I always like to take some Sultanas, Chocolate and some sucky anti-bacterial lozengers (you know how germy planes can be) and some chewing gum.

So that's it for my hand luggage essentials! I hope you've enjoyed this post and it has given you some ideas if you are going on holiday soon.
Let me know in the comments your holiday essentials and if you are travelling anywhere exciting this summer, I'd love to know!


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