Thursday, 29 January 2015

What I'm Wearing : Red Carpet Themed Party

Tomorrow night I am off to a 'Red Carpet Themed Party', something I've never attended before, let alone a red carpet event (but a girl can dream!) So, to prepare myself for getting 'glammed up' I ventured into town to have a browse round some shops to get some inspiration and hopefully spend buy a dress fit for the occasion (whilst keeping to a fairly tight budget...) So here's what I'll be wearing...

My Outfit
Miss Selfridge  - reduced to £17.50

Have had the leather jacket for ages so can't remember where it's from but desperate to invest in a new one! I wanted to pair the leather jacket with my dress to give my outfit a slightly edgier look.

New Look

 Can't remember where my shoes are from either I've had them for quite a while! 'scuse the grass inside they have braved many parties! I think the bag and these heels ensure my outfit is kept glam yet edgy with the leather jacket.

What would you wear if you went to a red carpet event? 


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